“Healthy Food,Healthy Life” -Campaign Run by BPC at the Holy Month of Ramadan


“Healthy food, healthy life “ titled Bangladesh Tourism Corporation launched the campaign on the street food. Not only the cleaning but also how to create healthier meals also taught at the campaign manually. In the meantime, to serve healthy food hundreds of hand gloves, T-shirts, and caps ,apron were distributed free .
Street food is popular Bailey Road, Banani, Gulshan , BPC carry out the campaign from June 6th.
Initially, manufacturers and sellers of Iftar were trained by the senior officers Ms. Zahida Begum and Md. Sarwar Uddin ( National Hotel & Tourism Training Institute). They start the campaign with safe food preparation, content delivery presentation. After the first series of Bailey Road and then Banani, Gulshan-Mohakhali campaign was at the ends.
Principal National Tourism Training Institute, Parvez Ahmed Chowdhury said, every year during Ramadan iftar at restaurants of the hotel is ready to be sold. Lots of people purchased the Iftar from outside hotels & Restaurants . But in the preparation of Iftar have to maintain the cleanliness and hygine. Ramadan last year, BPC took the initiative. In continuation of the campaign this year is more widely happen – Mr. Parvez Ahmed said.
Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon welcoming the initiative and joined the campaign on June 16 Bailey Road.
At that time, Mr. Menon also added that the country has an important role in street food for culinary Tourism . Street food in our country is very much popular to local people as well as Foreign tourist . The stake holder need to maintain the cleanliness of these places and serving food in a proper way. Brac Chiken was the promotional partner & Sponsor of this mega event.


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