Kushtia- a City of Shrine Beauty with Appealing Destinations for Potential Tourists.


Kushtia, a decent city with lots of charismatic tourist’s spots, embedded with the grand historical mansion at Shilaidah Kuthibari owned by Nobel Lauriate poet Rabindra Nath Tagore, shrine of Lalon Shah Tomb – a man far ahead of time and known as the father of folk music, bearing the mark of historical aristocracy of Bengali culture and literature for years. The jhaudia Shahi Mosque and Christian Cemetery are undoubtedly the place of “religious tourism”.
Stunning beauty of amalgamation of the river Padma, Garai, Mathabhanga, Kaliganga, Kumar and their magnificence during rainy season are the signature of this holy city in the heart of our beloved country. What could be more important place in Bangladesh representing “Educational Tourism” for tourists than “Mujibnagar” – the birth place of our beloved country, formerly known as Baidyanathtala is a town in the Meherpur District of Bangladesh. The place reflects a long desired significance of our mainstream victory after liberation war and now we are the citizen of an independent country living with dignity and pride. Besides these some of the most appealing places with fresh air for both local people and tourists are being offered by the city considering as a “Nature Tourism” in the form of the longest Lalon Shah Bridge also known as the Paksey Bridge with 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) long, Hardinge Bridge with 1.8 kilometers (1.1 mi) long, and the Gorai Bridge, which is also called “Mir Mosharaf Hossain Bridge”.

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Ms. Jannatul Mawa
Lecturer of Tourism & Hospitality Management, DIIT (Daffodil Institute of IT)
E-mail: orin7860@gmail.com.


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