Mr .AKM Shajahan Kamal New Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister.


New Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister AKM Shajahan Kamal has joiend his office on last Thursday .
In his first working day Mr. Kamal said “There’re criticisms against Biman, but it’s not very difficult to turn it into a profitable organisation.

“Many people are saying I’ve been thrown into fire…but I think it’s not fire but water for me. I’m hopeful and seek help from all concerned. Hopefully, Biman will be one of the profitable Airlines in Asia,” he said.

Shajahan Kamal replaced Rashed Khan Menon as Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister as Menon was given the responsibility of Social Welfare Ministry on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Menon cautioned Shajahan Kamal saying that Biman is the place where he will be receiving rebuke. “It’s true that Biman is in crisis now, but you’ll be rebuked most here. “I’m saying all this in front of the Biman MD – our achievements have ended up in Biman.


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