Destinations Make Positive Image for North-Bengal Tourism .


North-Bengal tourism is new hope for our tourism industry. These areas tourism can be covered by two divisions consisting with sixteen districts of northern parts of Bangladesh. North-Bengal tourism is combination with diversified culture, tradition, attractions and establishments. North-Bengal tourism could be categorized unique segments for domestic and international tourists. We can easily categorize these areas tourism into five tourism segments. These can be Archeological tourism attractions, Cultural tourism attractions, Theme and entertainment park attractions, Fruits tourism attractions and Agro-tourism attractions segment. Under these segments we could highlight initially for our tourists such destinations as Fruits Tourism Attractions, Agro-Tourism Attractions, Mohashthangarh, Paharpur Buddha Bihar, Vinno Jagat (Entertainment Park).
Fruits Tourism Attractions: Fruits tourism can be popular tourism segment for our country. Bangladesh has various monsoon fruits for various seasons. Most delicious fruits in our country are mango, jackfruit, lichi, guava, banana, orange, black-berry and so on. Bangladesh is ideal place for producing various monsoon fruits. Jackfruit is our national fruits. Everywhere in our country one’s can see this delicious fruits. If you do not eat this fruit you cannot imagine how delicious fruits it is!Every single year a huge amount of mango producing in Chapainababgonj and Rajshahi district. After fulfilling our country’s demand this mango are exporting different countries in world. Lichi and orange production are increasing day by day in Dinajpur and Panchagarh district of northern part of our country.
Mohashthangarh:Mohashthangarh is the cultural centre of North-Bengal areas where one’ can see the mixed of culture, heritage, tradition, history and archeological sites which situated at Bogra district. Some attractive places of Mohashthangarh are King Pasuramer Prashad, Gobinda Vita, Mohashthangarh Museum, Old wall of Pondranagar Kingdom, Shiladebir Ghat ,Mazar Area, Lakhindarer Medh and Vhasu Bihar.

Agro-Tourism Attractions: Agriculture and farmer are part and parcel of our country. More than 70 percent people directly depend on agriculture. Bangladesh is also known as agricultural country. Northern part of our country is suitable place for agro-tourism. When someone will focus forward they will see field after field greenery carpet. Every district produce different crops some district famous for producing paddy, jute, banana, Bringer, vegetables and so on.
Paharpur Buddha Bihar:Paharpur Buddhist Bihar is one of the oldest Buddhist Bihar in the world and ancient archeological site of our country is also known as Sampur Buddha Bihar,located at Paharpur union of Badolgachi upozila of Naogaon. This archeological site is bearing history and tradition of Paal dynasty.This Buddhist Vhira was probably built during the 8th or 9th century by the second king Sree Dhormapaldeb of Paal dynasty. It was active around 300 years for learning and religious researches. Our great Atish Dipankar was the chancellor of this Bihar during the 10th century.
Vinno Jagat (Entertainment Park): Vinno Jagat is a famous entertainment Place for north-Bengal people. It is in village named Paglapir under Rangpur district which covered by 100 acres land areas and beautify by many rides. This place will make your day dreamful.
Beyond the massive walls of the entrance, lie a beautiful landscaped garden, walkways, lakes, statues and plenty of adventure rides. Whatever you see inside the park, all are handmade. Vinno Jagat provides their guest accommodation facilities who want to stay at night that place.
North-Bengal tourism has a huge opportunity to grab a large number of foreign and domestic tourists. North-Bengal tourism will cover mind blowing tourism appeal and attractions in north Bengal areas of Bangladesh specially will cover natural, cultural, archeological, traditional, historical, entertainment and activity based tourism elements in that parts of our country. North-Bengal tourism can be development parameter for those areas’ people. Day by day people are traveling remote areas for seeing village lifestyle, agriculture firm, farmer’s activities and ever living hospitality people of northern part in our country.

Md. Shaifullah Rabbi
Founder-North-Bengal Tourist Club


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