Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Economy by Shaifullah Rabbi.


One of the biggest emerging industries in the world is tourism industry. Due to some distinctive features, it differs from other industries. The tourism industry is the name of the most contributing industries in the world economy at present. The industry is playing an important role in solving unemployed problems and economic development. Because it is a labor incentive industry as well as money making industry for travels and tourism oriented country.

When a tourist goes to any country, they do not just eat or sleep in the five-star hotel, they come to see the rituals, culture, lifestyle, cuisine and experiences of the country. Studies have shown that the nation as a hospitable nation is as civilized as it is. So, there is no alternative to tourism to establish world peace. Similarly, tourism contribution to economic development is significant. At present, the economy of many countries is tourism oriented. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s report, more than 100 million tourists from one country are traveling around the country. By 2020, its number will exceed 160 million.

It is seen in the study that a tourist comes to mean the work of 30 people and money transfer in 30 people. Because a visitor came to spend money, take her for granted, some good moments and some experiences. When a country’s economy continues to rely on tourism, the country has to think about the sustainable tourism policy. And then the sustainable tourism became the key to sustainable economy.

As a sustainable tourism, we can say that by using proper elements, materials and attractions properly, social, cultural, living and environment can be exploited for long periods of time without any harm to the environment and save for the next generation. In simple words, we will not only enjoy the beauty of attractive places such as our Sundarbans, St. Martin’s Island, Nijhum deep, Rangamati, Sylhet, Bandarban etc., the proper meaning of sustainable tourism is to take appropriate measures for preservation and long-term economic benefits for the next generation.

Tourism can never be completely durable. Because there are many adversities in the tourism industry. Nevertheless, we will have to work relentlessly for sustainable tourism, through sustainable tourism. It is possible to establish a sustainable economy and sustainable development.

Md. Shaifullah Rabbi
Major In Tourism & Hospitality Management
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka


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