About Us

A group of promising young, energetic and dynamic professionals start this journey to bring  new trend  Bangladesh hospitality and tourism industry. To secure for the industry and its professionals, a due place, project the role of hospitality industry as a contributor to employment generation, sustainable social and economic development of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Travel Team observed that  The economic source of different countries  is Tourism. So many tourists visit their  country from all over the world. A country is benefited in various sectors from travelers. Information technology has a big role to travel big amount of traveler every year. Though our tourism sector has a lot of possibilities but we can’t develop this sector for lack of right use of information technology. Traveler book their ticket and hotel rooms on online before they make a visit in their desire tourist destination. But we don’t have any information about our country  in  online. Lots of tourists visit our neighbor countries Like Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Travellers know about these countries from various magazines, Brochures and other resources through  online. We some friends thought about, how to attract more travellers. To do that we make some plan to attract Bangladesh for travellers. First initiative of that plan is ‘ Bangladesh Travel’. By using this slogan we started publicity in various programmes or festivals. We also made ‘ Bangladesh Travel’ team in many countries in the world. And we have finished publicity in Cyprus, Germany, Norway, French, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia. We have a future plan to make a publicity of ’ Bangladesh Travel’ to all the countries in the world. In the meantime we are searching for any travel magazine, news portal only for tourism industry. After 6 month we did not find  enough  book, magazine, or any online information hub. Then the next initiative of ’Bangladesh Travel was work for a travel news portal.