How to attract corporate guests and bookings : Fariaz Morshed Chowdhury. (Part-1)


Corporate guests are a market that can be available to hotels all year-round. Unlike leisure, business travel rarely has an off-season and if hotels work hard to attract bookings and build loyalty, they can create a secure revenue stream for their property.
Another good thing about corporate individuals or groups is that their needs are often easier to narrow down and cater for. The purpose of their trip is usually very defined and specific, as is the time they will spend while staying at their destination.
However, this doesn’t mean securing these guests is simple.
There are many variables corporate guests will consider before making a booking with your hotel, all of them based around efficiency, convenience, and quality.
A report from Euromonitor International shows the changing face of business travel. The rise of automation and new technology is changing the industry, and thus the needs of business travelers. Travel and tourism accounts for one in 11 jobs worldwide, but some of these are being lost to technology.
The specific research and development your hotel undertakes will determine the success you have in attracting a long-term and lucrative market from the corporate sector.


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