Bangladesh Tourism ambassador Mahmud Hasan Khan.


Mr. Mahmud Hasan Khan was a great warrior to expand tourism of Bangladesh for rest of the world. He was a unique presenter to present his country by different format for the visitors. Mahmud bhai not only inspired and assisted a lot of international tourists to visit and enjoy Bangladesh, But also he inspired, a whole crop of domestic travelers to get out of their local surroundings and visit parts of their own country through his online group “Berai Bangladesh”. His contribution was out of frame for help the traveler since last 15 years. His contribution will never be matched ever again. His work has been mentioned in Lonely Planet’s Bangladesh edition as a “Bangladesh Guardians of Angel.” He had served several thousand foreign tourists by his level best. He was an icon for the young tourists of Bangladesh. May Allah give him his award for the all good things did for his beloved country.


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