Bangladesh Tourism Is Flourshing said Parvez A Chowdhury


Five-star hotels, motels and cottages, villas water, night club, swimming pool, convention hall, recreation, entertainment and all the demands of foreign tourists exclusive tourist zone, work is progressing.

CoxBazar Sabarang about 11 hundred acres of land an exclusive tourist zone under Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (Beja) . Now it is at the end of the process, surveys, Government convening of investors to build infrastructure and it will be Direct supervision of the Prime Minister . Bangladesh Tourism Corporation will be handling the operation.

An interview with the Principal of National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute and Director (Marketing) Mr .Parvez Ahmed Chowdhury The announcement of the Year of tourism has already started. he said, the world economy boost tourism , there are more chances here. Last year, the theme of the World Tourism Organization,” billions of Tourist, billions of potential” As he said, have the potentiality to explore in our country . Foreigners like the villages of Bangladesh. Moreover, they want to go for a walk. Opens betel nut trees on the ride . The unique features of the village, there is nowhere else in the world.
Mr. Chowdhury also added that Bangladesh Tourism Corporation put importance on Rural Tourism. “One Village , One Tourism Destination” because of our country is naturally beautiful and the tradition, culture, food are different in one village to another village. The people of our village are hospitable and they love to entertain the guest.

In the context of the Youth Tourism he said 35 percent of Asian tourists are young . Young people moving from one place to another place.
Tourism year in the form of printed calendar of events are coming soon. He said Bangladesh Tourism Corporation has signed an agreement with BRAC Food & Dairy. As a result, the development of tourism as a quality food product .
Surfing is the another tourism possibility,
He said, Cox Bazar sea beach have transparent water and without rocks under water, there is a great potential for surfing.
In April, there will be a event for surfing, many foreigners will join there.


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