The Bangladesh Travel initiate 2nd Tourism Adda Successfully.


Last Friday The Bangladesh Travel &Travel tune jointly organized 2nd Tourism Adda at Galesia Hotel & resort. . It was a wonderful discussion, exchanging ideas, thoughts & views regarding development for Bangladesh Tourism industry. Hoteliers, Tour operator, online travel group, Tourism expert, students, Travel writers & Travel lover were also present there. From the participant some suggestions has come out which will be given to our National Tourism policy maker. Suggestions are given below.
1. Proposal for introducing Tourism in the Syllabus of Secondary School Level to aware the mass people.
2. Announcement for the Vacation of One Month (Including School & Government Officials)
3. Allotment of Specific Space in daily Newspaper for Tourism spot/Article/ Regarding Tourism benefits. Both in print & electronic media.
4. Invite Bank & Other big corporate house (Telco & Multinational Company) for their CSR Fund investing in Tourism Awareness.
5. Coordination with Different ministries & Govt. Official organization for tourism development activities.
6. Appointment of 64 District Tourism officer including District Tourism Authority & Also Thana tourism officer in 490 Thana with Tourism secretariats office.
7. Each &Every Thana Medical Hospital should have one F&B and one House keeping manager post.


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