Bichanakandi Tourism: Problem and Solution


Where nature brings itself up to the tourists, where nature changes itself in the season on season, where people discover themselves as nature-lover, where tourists can spark themselves in green nature and with the touch of clear mountain water, the name of a rich-tourism place is Bichanakandi.

In recent times, the beautiful scenarios of Bichanakandi have taken place in the minds of tourists, and you will go to Sylhet but you will not be able to visit Bichanakandi that will be impossible for tourists because the illusion of Bachanakandi make attention to visit that place for a single moment. This is a 37-kilometer route from Sylhet city. From Sylhet to CNG or Micro, first have to go to Gowainghat. Then after a 30-minute boat journey from there, see the rich scenes of beautiful hillside surrounded by eye-catching beauty. On the way to the Bichanakandi, one can see the rock bearing boat, the Priyain River, the diversified life of local community, green mountains beauty, floating restaurant, and crystal clear water.

Bangladesh Online Travels has made the biggest contribution in promoting and propagating Bichanakandi tourism as a most visiting tourist destination in Sylhet. Some years ago, there was no name of the place named Bichanakandi in Bangladesh tourism map. Although, in spite of a few years, it has been widely known as Sylhet’s most popular tourism destination. Different types of problems are visible day by day due to excessive popularity due to excessive tourist’s pressure.
Some of the problems that are visible in Bichanakandi’s tourism are mentioned-
1. The most of road from Sylhet City to Gowainghat are broken.
2. During the rainy season, if there is no problem going to Bisanakandi by boat from Gowainghat, tourists get a little faster during the winter.
3. The road to Bichanakandi is difficult except for the other route.
4. There are no adequate restaurant and washroom facilities for tourists.
5. Do not have enough hotels to stay in Gowainghat around besananchandi.
6. When looking at the tourists, the demand for unbridled fare demand for boat brokers in Gowainghat.

The following steps could be decreased the above mentioned problems-

1. Making the road from Sylhet to Goingghat suitable for buses.
2. Fixed fare from the Sylhet to Gowainghat in Leguna and CNG.
3. Setting fares for going to Bichanakandi from Gowainghat for boat passengers.
4. Arrange for some Restaurant and Washroom for tourists.
5. Building up some hotels to stay in Gaininghat.
6. Increase the number of tourist police to provide security to the tourists.
With the increase in the number of tourists, the problems of Bichanakandi tourism will increase and there will be many disadvantages. It is possible to protect this rich tourism area from damages by adopting awareness campaigns and tourism-friendly activities.

Md. Shaifullah Rabbi
Guest Lecturer
BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT)


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