Bogra Tourist Club is working for the development of BD Tourism Industry. Part:1


Bogra Tourist Club started its journey with the slogan,” Visit your motherland therefore your own country, know your country and let tourism be the weapon of sustainable tourism.” With this slogan as its mantra this club was founded in Dhaka with only three members on 15nov 2015. In the very beginning we decided to uplift the archeologically rich district Bogra in the country and abroad. Bangladesh being the biggest delta with the Himalayan mountain on one side and the bay of Bengal on the other. Though Bangladesh is among a lower middle income country, considering its tourism diversity it is more advanced than most other countries and Mahasthan garh of Bogra is the burning example of one of the ancient civilization of the world. Mahasthangarh is considered contemporary civilization of Mohenjodaro and Horoppa.
Every day through radio, television, cell phones, email and other such scientific technology we witness the tourism history and development in the world allover in this field. We are heartened to see the responsible approach and activity of the government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh in digitalizing and alleviation of poverty from the country. On the 27th September of 2015 when the honorable prime minister of Bangladesh declare “Tourism Year 2016” We thought about extending our sincere efforts in actualization of its goals in this field as it could be difficult for the government to achieve this objective unilaterally. In light of this fact some of the educated, ideal civilians and residents of Bogra on the 28th February of 2016 formed a standing committee called Bogra Tourist Club to bring the Tourism industry under the spotlight of media and to let people know of the neglected archaeological assets and treasure, probable new tourism spots in the flora and fauna of Bogra and also to bring these treasures under the knowledge of the people and Government
To bring the entire heritage under the government attention some if the founding members started a campaign from 28th February 2016 spanning for a period of 60 weeks and in order to actualize them starting from 2nd April 2016 we have already completed this strenuous endeavor. We have been broadcasting abd campaigning about the heritage and key tourism aspects of not only Bogra but also the entire northern Bangladesh inside country as well as abroad through social network, you tube, online broad casts. We believe In the coming days our such activities will be fruitful in reaching the tourism objectives. Current working office of Bogra tourist club is Al modina market, fultola, Bogra-5800. We have not been able to acquire a permanent office due to financial constraint. Currently our scope of work is involving Bogra only but in the future we aim to work with the entire northern Bengal.
Key principles of BTC Peace, discipline Unity, Development nonpolitical, nonprofit and social welfare targeted expansion, development and campaigns.
Aim and objectives of BTC.
To work with the tourism industry on Bogra. b.To bring the focus of the international tourists on the beauty and heritage of Bogra.
Current goals of BTC.
1.Working with tourism related organizations and creating collaboration with government, and public private partnership through roundtable conference, seminar, symposium. Through traveling upholding Bogra inside country and abroad. 2.Every year organize a tourism and heritage fair. 3.To connect small and medium scale industry such as cottage, trade, handicrafts with tourism and thus improvement of livelihood of common people through tourism. 4.To conserve and uphold the neglected tourism scopes in villages and other such rural places.

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Director, Legeal Affiars (TDAB).


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