Boishakhi Celebrations at The Westin Dhaka


The Westin Dhaka is all set to welcome the Bengali new year of 1423 with vibrant festivities on the 14th of April. The rustic décor of the 5 star Starwood property will welcome the first day of Boishakh with the true colors and vibrancy of the proud Bengali culture. Starting from the entrance to the signature venues, the property is set to celebrate the Bengali New Year with the refined Westin touch and sophistication.

Seasonal Tastes, the signature buffet venue, will offer an authentic Bengali lunch and dinner menu which will include Boishakh exclusives such as hilsha polau, smoked hilsha, hilsha korma and shorshe elish to name a few of the Boishakhi favorites. A mélange of bhortas such as kach kola, bhendi, begun, chingri, etc will all be served fresh with the traditional panta-bhaat and green chilly. Deshi style duck bhuna, mezbaan beef, bhuna khichuri, muttorn nihari and other mouthwatering favorites will also adorn the traditional Bengali menu on the day. For the sweet tooth, the dessert section will offer an assortment of popular pithas, halwa and Bengali sweets such as rosh golla and sandesh. The Boishakh lunch and dinner buffet is priced at BDT4800 (Net) and BDT5000 (Net) respectively. Daily Treats, the ground floor café, will cater to everyone with Bengali street favorites such as phuchka, chot-poti, pithas, kacha-aamer shorbot and other Bengali treats all throughout the day.

Pohela Boishakh shall always be a day of renewed pleasures and colorful celebrations at the Westin Dhaka!


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