Chocolate Pudding Recipe


Have you ever thought What would the world be without chocolate pudding? Chocolate and cream, licked off a spoon, is one of the greatest desserts I know, ranked with fresh strawberry shortcake and warm chocolate chip cookies.

But pudding has become a lost art, as baking books proliferate yet pudding only shows up in Snack Packs or on restaurant dessert plates. This is a great opportunity for you as a cook, because when it comes to dessert, pudding is special, it’s unusual, and yet it’s a snap to make.

Knowing how to make pudding from scratch is like having the golden key to winning dessert.

If you have a baby and you want to make him/ her feed without any forcing, you just need to make this yummy softly delicious mouth watering chocolate pudding.

I am pretty much sure not only they but also the adults will fall in love with its taste…

Pudding’s glamour cannot be overstated. At first look it is homey and old-fashioned, but dress it up right and it is a dessert that drives everyone wild. Homemade pudding, whipped and ever so slightly warm, makes people’s eyes go wide. It is love in a bowl.

The other little pudding secret, of course, is that it’s naturally gluten-free. Like ice cream, as long as pudding is made with glutens free ingredients, it’s a welcome treat for Celiac’s and glutens intolerant folks. Come to think of it, pudding is basically ice cream for the refrigerator — rich, creamy, infinitely adaptable to your whims, a scoop to please anyone.


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