Dark Tourism of Bangladesh by Jannatul Akmam.


Tourism is not just a little word, a world of art where many artists externalize their arts, only to keep this industry alive. Due to the time of application, different aspects of the tourism have been objectified. People are exploring in search of their traditionalism, sometimes to have the taste of nature, again, it has turned out to be a thrilling event and experience in forests,hills and rivers. But now introducing you with a completely different theme of the tourism known as “Dark Tourism”.
What a surprise! Doesn’t it sound like ghost stories or something horrible like that? The topic is similar “Dark tourism” can be defined as the visitation of that sites associated with death, tragedy or suffering as their main theme.
Then you can understand that “Dark” means “Black”. And “Black” is a symbol of “Mourning”. That is why it is named “Dark Tourism”.



There are some places and structures in Bangladesh that can be presented as part of the Dark Tourism. At Dhanmandi- 32, the house of father of our nation, “Sheikh Mujibur Rahman”, is located. This reminds of a mournful chapter in our history. Therefore, it has become a part of the “Dark Tourism”. On August 15, 1975, father of the Nation and his family members accepted a planned ruthless murder. Later, in 1997, the house was turned into a museum and named “Bangabandhu Memorial Museum” to commemorate that black chapter in 1997. Year by year the house is confessed with the rash of history.
‘‘Dark Tourism” will make our country’s young generation curious about the history of our country. It will raise patriotism among them. Not only that, it will play a special role in demonstrating the glorious history of Bangladesh in front of the whole world through the special witnesses, It may be “Shahidaminer” or “Rayerbazar Badhyabhumi” or “War Cemetery”.
That Shaheed Minar not only reminds us of so much glory but all that threnody. It is not just a pillar, it is a symbol of the glorious chapter of a language and a nation building. The Shaheed Minar will remind every youth that a great sacrifice for the country’s patriotic warriors is a great sacrifice for the country.
The National Monument is the point of our martyrdom, which symbolizes that it has been built with the concrete but made of blood of our martyrs. Standing in front of the monument we bow down our heads in respect and it gives us a reminder about the country’s best children who have sacrified their lives, along with the history of red flame and an independent country.
Dark Tourism will showcase the true history of victory with grief, from one generation to another generation. Responsibility towards the country, love for the country, will motivate young people to work for the country.

Jannatul Akmam
BBA, Major in Tourism & Hospitality Management
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka


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