Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort celebrated Christmas Eve.


Dhaka Regency ushered in merry tidings with numerous options to celebrate the festive occasion, Christmas with style. With a plethora of dining and entertainment options at the renowned business hotel in country, the celebration promised something unique for everyone. The Grandiose Restaurant, the authentic specialty multi cuisine restaurants at Dhaka Regency offered Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner with an elaborated buffet on both December 24 & 25. Hotel’s most popular rooftop garden restaurant, Grill on the Skyline offered a splendid set menu with BBQ on December 24. The dinner guests were greeted by Carol Singers in the lobby on the Christmas Eve and Santa was also scheduled to make a special appearance with gifts galore for the children.

Dhaka Regency was all set to bring out its biggest entertainment for the kids named “Christmas Kids’ Party” at Grill On The Skyline from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. The kids were rejoiced at the fun corners with extensive gaming arrangements, photo shoot with Santa, riding the mini train, jumping on the bouncing, ball House & playing all around the rooftop area. After all these activities, to meet up their hunger & tiredness, the wise chefs of Dhaka Regency designed buffet snacks with kids favorites such as burgers, fries, cakes & many more. The program was commenced with a cake cutting ceremony by the kids & Santa along with hotel management. To spread out the celebrations throughout the world, the entire program was as broadcasted on SA Television from 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm on the Christmas Day.


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