The Food Ranger Visited Bangladesh & said here hospitality is Amazing!


Mr. Trevor James is an international and most famous food blogger in all over the world . His food blogging YouTube channel name is the food ranger. Mr. James live to travel, eat, and make videos for the people who want to travel. He travel around China, India, Bangladesh ,Indonesia, and all throughout Asia, posting weekly street food videos for the people on his Youtube channel. Currently he visited Bangladesh to taste the street food. In his short tour ( 3 weeks) he visited Dhaka, Chittagong and CoxsBazar.
He said that OLD DHAKA is AMAZING! There really is no other feeling than taking a rickshaw through the old alleyways of Old Dhaka Puran Dhaka. We’re loving every minute of our time in Bangladesh and found Old Dhaka to be one of the densest food hot spots in the world. You can spend a day here and eat meal after meal of deliciousness. And we’ve both felt so welcomed here in Bangladesh that we are already planning a second trip to eat and go deeper. The hospitality is incredible here! We’re dropping 4 awesome videos from Bangladesh very soon and will be back this year to eat more because we are in love with this amazing country. If you haven’t considered traveling to Bangladesh, put it on your list, because this is an amazing place!

Bangladesh is an AMAZING! Every meal and experience has been convincing me to come back again. Not a single bad meal in 2.5 weeks. Unbelievable food, hospitality, culture, and super safe and enjoyable! We will definitely be back!


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