Francis Gomes new General Manager of THE WAY Dhaka .


Francis Gomes, the newly joined General Manager of THE WAY Dhaka, an international luxury boutique hotel in Dhaka, has been optimistic about his success in his new position. Unlike other hoteliers in Dhaka, Francis was not a front person from the beginning. He comes from a financial background having a MBA major in finance and banking from Southeast University and Masters in Accounting from Jagannath University College. Prior to taking up his new position, he served The Westin Dhaka as the Financial Controller for Six years and worked with Radisson Blue Water Garden Hotel Dhaka as the Asst. Director of Finance for Three years. He was the youngest Bangladeshi Financial Controller for an international chain (Starwood hotels Inc. USA) hotel in Bangladesh. He also has experience in working World Vision Bangladesh (US based International NGO) for Four years.

Francis started his hotel career in 2007 as he joined The Westin Dhaka as Accountant. With two promotions in quick successions, he was promoted to the rank of Asst. Director of Finance in July 2008. With his dedication, sincerity and experience he has served the hospitality industry over 10 years. He has immense knowledge about the hotel Finance, operations & market conditions of Bangladesh.

Francis has practical experience in compliance with GAAP and Local Law, capability of utilizing knowledge to optimize best use of available resources. Experienced in preparation and managing budget over three hundred crores. He possesses all the capacity to manage diverse objective group and capacity of reporting to diverse objective group on a timely basis and under pressure. Time bound reporting and presentation of financial statements. Francis is highly proactive and analytical and with the use of advanced computer skills, he is very capable of identifying problems and creating effective solutions, resourceful and determined in removing obstacles to achieve results.

Besides his hotel career he is involved in several social activities. He is president of St. Anthony’s Club, Boxsonagar, Nawabgonj, Dhaka. He is the Vice-chairman of Boxsonagar Christian Cooperative Credit Union Limited and part of several credit union movements in Bangladesh. He has completed DE (Development Educator) course from ACCU, Bangkok, Thailand in the year 2013. During his tenure in hotel industries he has visited many countries for training, conference & exposure purpose including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, South Africa, China & USA.

During a recent conversation with The Bangladesh Travel, Francis expressed his determination of success in his new position. “I believe my finance background will not at all come as an obstacle to fulfill my goal. At the end of the day , the investor expects revenue and none other than a finance person can deliver that in a better way. I have learnt a lot during my job at Westin Dhaka where I observed the front area activities and even trouble shot some of the incidents in absence of the general manager,” Francis told The Current View.

Francis took charge of such a hotel which sells itself for its all the way good reputation. THE WAY Dhaka maintains truly boutique concept where you can see and feel the beauty in every piece of custom maid design furniture. To this meticulous craftsmanship added that extra ingredient, the talent of the distinguished and experienced designer who knows how to combine modern design flair with traditional techniques.

Be it the ‘Top Of The Way’ our sky-top glass restaurant, the comfort of our beautifully designed rooms, relaxing while the sun sets at the Aqua Deck or enjoying outstanding panoramic views from the roof top of our duo-infinity pool, one is certain to find a spot to enjoy one’s stay at THE WAY Dhaka.

Francis says, “Hotel operations is very challenging but interesting especially if you have a nice product & service for selling. It is not limited to sell your room, food & beverage or other services rather it is an art of selling your attitude, commitment, dedication, integrity, professionalism and pro-activeness to your valued guests. If your product is not 100% up to the mark but your service is from the bottom of your heart with full of energy & dedication you can survive in the competitive market. If you can make your service interesting people will definitely accept it.”

His overall observation on Bangladesh hotel industries: the business is expanding but still hotels are struggling in some areas i.e. complexity of narcotics rules, higher rate of VAT, SD and taxes, lengthy remittance process of management fees and commission to foreign travel agents. Still Dhaka has very limited facilities of tourism mostly business travellers are coming to do their business so large luxury hotels are struggling especially with rates. Low-cost properties are doing well in the competitive market. So full service Three Star & Four Star category hotels will do better in future compare to luxury five star properties. There is no professional training institution, catering school or university in Bangladesh only NHTTI doing limited short courses which are not sufficient to develop proper hotelier. Government should take proper care of this potential industry so that we can also develop our local brand like Taj, Leela, Oberio etc.


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