Jahangir Alam Shovon: A man indebted towards society. (Part -1)


A man performed a laborious task of walking on foot from the North to the East of Bangladesh, covering a distance of more than 1000 kilometres in 46 days. Day after day, he walked braving the scorching heat of the sun. Md. Jahangir Alam popularly known as Jahangir Alam Shovon, undertook a project called “দেশ দেখা” (Seeing the country). From February 12 to March 28, he crossed 1176 kilometres with the slogan “দেখবো বাংলাদেশ গড়বো বাংলাদেশ” (See Bangladesh and build Bangladesh). Regarding his undertaking, some people considered it to be madness, some hardship for money, and some a desperate effort to have some kind of record.
Shovon himself revealed his intention. He said, “I love to travel, I love obstacles and challenges, I want to do something for my country and my people. In order to do all this, I came up with the idea of this project. I would travel the country on foot which is very challenging. While walking, I interacted with numerous people. I told them about the importance of building this country. I tried to create awareness against child violence, child-marriage, children’s education, culture, environment, tree plantation, and computer and internet. In a way, travelling on foot is a means to spread my thoughts among ordinary people.
In fact, he is known as a creative person. Some consider him Man of Motivation, some Man of Excellence, and some Man with exceptional approach. When we write about him, we identify him as an online writer, e-Commerce consultant, lover of folk literature and amateur traveller. What is his real identity? When asked about it, he said that he loves to think himself as a social activist. He has more than hundred articles on different subjects to his credit. However, he did not earn money from his writing. He wrote spontaneously on social problems, potential, and self-development. His writings on e-Commerce are highly informative making him very popular among the e-Commerce industry people of Bangladesh. As a writer and as a person, Jahangir Alam is loved by many people.

S M Mehedi Hasan : (Frelance writter)
Photo Courtesy :(Ruhul Quddus Choton)


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