The Kingdom of Clouds by Md. Shaifullah Rabbi.


Who does not like to mix with the kingdom of clouds? There is a chance to fly with the clouds in the love of the clouds, and in the hands of someone receives the view of all the scenes of mountains, and clouds. Nature is pulling people to spread glory in their gorgeous glory. The place of silent beauty, the place of the thousands of hidden mystery, the place of exploring the natural diversity, the place of kingdom of clouds, is Sajek Valley in Rangamai.

Sajek Valley is a golden chapter for Bangladesh tourism attraction. A place has been created at the center of the work of about five thousand people. The valley has taken place in the mind of travelers for its unique characteristics. If you can find all the means of life, then you can see the glimpse of some hidden forms of nature. Where people can feel another dimension of life.

The beautiful ending of the Sajek excursion is more exciting. Every moment has appeared on a separate application, to the traveler. The nature of the Sajek is not similar to the nature of the next another minute. The nature of the next-minute Sajak is no match. Missing travelers themselves in the matter of illusion, it seems to the city of illusion.
The beginning of the journey by Chander Gari started from Khagrachari to Sajek. Under the guidance of tour operator Travel Memoria, on the way to the hillside, we can see first the Hazachara waterfall. To reach the destination, it has to walk ten minutes on the road and get along with adventure. There is peace in the sound of cool water falling on top of the hill and falling cool water touches our feet.
Once again, along the path of a run, a hundred feet high road, and sometimes a hundred feet down the road, I will think that I am in rollercoaster. After reaching Sajek valley, we have enjoyed the view of Ruilui Para, Sajek Hallpad, Indigenous community’s life, orange garden and Sajek’s tallest hill-Kanglong, roam around the mountains, the end of the first day through Bar-B-Que party.

The start of the next day embraced with one-rainy morning and clouds. Sajek has different types of accommodation facilities. We stayed at night at Niribili Resort. In the morning, it seems to a floating white nest; in front of our eyes was the floating white cloud. We were floating in the middle of the cloud and we were flying with the nature of valley. Clouds and we were not moving in the same rhythm. We could not be separated from the cloud. The cloud from us would be like a cloudy morning. The whole morning passed the white cloud.

The area of Sajek valley is arranged by the mixed of diversified nature, the kingdom of clouds and thousands of hills. If you do not see in your own eyes, you will not believe it is our Bangladesh.

Md. Shaifullah Rabbi
Founder-Travel Memoria


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