Lavish Iftar arrangement at The Westin Dhaka.


ftar, the fast breaking meal of Ramadan, is a festive matter both at home and abroad. After a daylong abstain from all kinds of food and drink, Iftar has to be a meal that sates the tastebuds and replenishes the body. Something sweet, something spicy, something savoury is always very welcome. Something different from the traditional Iftar items is all the more fun.

Splash at The Westin Dhaka, has made Arabian cuisine their stellar attraction this Ramadan. The entire place is done up in an Arabian theme. The décor features typical Arabian touches- the tent-like canopies, the coloured lamps all completes the scenario.

The menu has authentic Arabian dishes like Falafel, Motabbel, Hummus and a few more. The sweet and savoury segments, the appetizers and the main meals have a couple of Arabian preparations. Apart from these, the menu has a wide variety of Iftar items to choose from. There are around 8-9 types of juices. The cold section is filled with a variety of fresh fruits and yoghurt preparations. This can be followed by the hot segment, which mainly consists of the mains and staples like Biriyani, fish, mutton, Kebabs and Paratha. Then of course there is their famous pastry spread- where desserts range from local rice pudding and Jilapis to Baklavas and Basabusas.

In this awfully hot summer; Splash has made sure that the Iftar is a cool affair by the poolside with lots of tasty treat.


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