Nilgiri Hill Resort: A Place Where Clouds Are Your Playmate


No other tourist destinations of Bangladesh can be compared with Nilgiri hill resort in terms of natural beauty. That is why, it is also referred to as one of the best hidden treasures of Bangladesh. The pictorial landscape around the hills and green atmosphere has given it a photogenic look. To get relief from the boredom of the city life, pollution and work stress, people can visit here and spend some quality time.

The main attraction for which tourists visit here is cloud. One will find himself covered with the thick layer of clouds. Playing with clouds and touching them is really something imaginary. Autumn and rainy season is perhaps the best time to experience such kind of thing. When clouds play with the waves of gentle breeze, it looks like that sky has come down at the peak of the mountain. After rain the Bay of Bengal also becomes visible from the peak. Its natural attraction has made it one of the lucrative tourist spots in Bangladesh.
If you go there, it may seem to you a piece of heaven. You will never feel tired seeing its beauty because it changes with the time. At night, the entire surroundings become calm and quiet, making it a perfect situation for couple to enjoy the moonlight. After reading such vivid description, it becomes difficult for tourists to resist their desire to go to the place.

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Kamrul Hasan
Frelance writer


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