North-Bengal Tourism: Prospect & Possibility by Md. Shaifullah Rabbi.


Bangladesh is an unpolished diamond for our tourism industry. Bangladesh has border
connection with two countries- India and Myanmar. Bangladesh is surrounded by three sides
India, one side is Myanmar, and another side is the Bay of Bengal. Our main rivers are created
by the falling of Indian hilly waterfalls. By creating these biggest rivers we have gotten only one
delta-country in the world. Every single place of our country can be diversified tourist
destination for our inbound and domestic tourists.
North-Bengal tourism is new hope for our tourism industry. North-Bengal tourism can be
covered by two divisions consisting with sixteen districts of northern parts of Bangladesh. NorthBengal
tourism is combination with diversified culture, tradition, attractions and establishments.
In these areas, same places are ideal for fruits tourism, agro-tourism, and cultural, archeological
and historical tourism.
Rajshahi, ChapaiNawabgonj, and Dinajpur are suitable places for fruits tourism. Fruits tourism
can be popular tourism segment for our northern parts .Those areas have various monsoon fruits
for various seasons. Most delicious fruits in our country are mango, jackfruit, lichi, guava,
banana, orange, and black-berry and so on. North-Bengal is ideal place for producing various
monsoon fruits.
Agriculture and farmer are part and parcel of our country. More than 70 percent people directly
depend on agriculture. Bangladesh is also known as agricultural country. Northern part of our
country is suitable place for agro-tourism. When someone will focus forward they will see field
after field greenery carpet. Every district produce different crops some district famous for
producing paddy, jute, banana, Bringer, vegetables and so on. Day by day people are traveling
remote areas for seeing village lifestyle, agriculture firm, farmer’s activities and ever living
hospitality people of northern part in our country.Agro-tourism can be covered by Panchagarh,
Lalmonirhat, Nilfamari and kurigram.
Bogra, Rajshahi, Naogaon, Gaibandha, Nilfamari, Dinajpur, and Panchagarh are the centre of
culture, arts, history and archeology for North-Bengal areas. The world’s oldest Buddhist
archeological relics-Paharpur Buddhist Bihar is situated northern part which has declared as a
world heritage by UNSCO. Mohasthangar always consider the birth place of history and culture
of our country. One common thing you will feel every single corner of those areas which is
hospitality and hospitable people. North-Bengal’s people always welcome their guests with smile
and love even if they cannot provide proper treatment for their guests.
North-Bengal tourism has a huge opportunity to grab a large number of foreign and domestic
tourists. North-Bengal tourism will cover mind blowing tourism appeal and attractions in north
Bengal areas of Bangladesh specially will cover natural, cultural, archeological, traditional,
historical, entertainment and activity based tourism elements in that parts of our country. NorthBengal
tourism can be development parameter for those areas’ people.
Visit North-Bengal areas; taste diversity, enjoy as a diversified tourist destination with unique
experience. Tourism is not only a business but also arts which can call arts of business. Tourism
tells the story about arts of life , arts of culture, arts of cuisine, arts of love and friendship, most
lively thing is that the arts of hospitality. If we say tourism is the business of beauty that won’t be
wrong word.

Md.Shaifullah Rabbi
Dept. of Tourism & Hospitality Management
University of Dhaka


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