Promotion of Cultural Tourism Can boost BD Tourism Industry.


Our beloved Bangladesh is unique mix with cultural diversity. Every single month we can see some festivals and occasions. For this reason, Bangladesh is known as thirteenth Parban country in the twelve months. The biggest cultural festival of Bangladesh is the Boisakhi celebration. People celebrate the first day of Bangla New Year with great festival in different part of our country.

The festival is celebrated by different arrangements in various different names in different places of the country.Most places of the country are celebrated as Pahela Boishakh. The first day of the New Year was welcomed through the song “Eso he Boishakh Eso Eso”. The faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, makes arrangement a rally for celebrating this occasion and welcoming the first day of Bangla New Year, ends the procession through welfare and good wishes.

Boishakhi fair is held in different areas of the country. In the fields, there are many different types of food, sweet, jilpi and these chit-eating houses in villages after the smoke. Some cultural programs are arranged by villagers for celebrating that day such as Jatra, Sarkas. Baishakhi fair make this occasion more meaningful and enjoyable .Noika-Baise festivals are held in some districts of north Bengal.

The hill areas people of Bangladesh celebrate the anniversary of the New Year by keeping their traditional appeals. During these period three districts namely Bandarban, Khagrachari and Rangamati became festive and vibrant.
Here celebrate the three-day festival that is Boisabi festival, which is known as Boisabi in the region specially celebrated by indigenous communities.

The three syllables make the word Boi-Sa-Bi. BOI-Baisu is the anniversary festival of Tripura, SA or SO-Sangrai is the anniversary celebration of Marma and the anniversary of BI-Biju is celebrated Chakma. The Baisakhi Festival is celebrated with the anniversary of the three indigenous communities by name of Baishakhi festival. The Baishakhi festival celebrates the day with great commemoration. The indigenous communities are organizing various cultural programs by presenting their own traditions and culture. Traveling tourists from various corners of the country are attracted in dance and songs.

In simple words, the mountainous region of the Boisabi festival becomes the city of culture and festivals with diversified taste and color. Above all festivals make Bangladesh “Country of Festivals”.

Md.Shaifullah Rabbi
Founder-Travel Memoria


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