Rural people treat visitors like family members.


By Dalton Zahir
Experiencing village life and people, adventure in hill tracts, trekking through the jungle, beach holiday, the grand river cruise, fishing with otters, wondering the alleys of tea garden are some of the most unique features in Bangladesh that can give inner peace to tourists, especially the foreign ones.
Village Life & Peoples’ Happiness:
Life is so comfortable living in Bangladesh. The people and the nature will help get the most out of it. Happiness needs no reason. People here are always happy. They know how to celebrate the life and how to get the most out of their lives.
If one wants to seek happiness with no condition, then he or she can visit rural areas. The way of life has always been primitive and there exists no complications. The people in the village areas live by the nature. They respect the nature. In return, they are taken cared by the nature. This is most divine transaction in the entire world.
This is why one can even find the most primitive lifestyle there. People use farming tools just like their ancestors liked. They prefer manual labor and natural resources instead of heavy machinery. This is why one will be amazed to see any farmers ploughing their beloved soil with the help of macho bulls. Or even he or she will see the village woman making foods in ovens fueled with chopped up woods.These are definitely not all. There are plenty of other things to do and see in the rural areas of Bangladesh. One will never get bored. And he or she will never fail to understand the true meaning of life. This is an experience of lifetime. Even if one goes back to his or her own country, the memory will keep soul alive and fresh.They can come to visit the rural lands. Rural people will treat everyone like family members. With a perfect and convenient planning, they will take care of tourists flawlessly. There are so may tour plans available which will certainly give a traveler a detailed experience of rural life.
Adventure in Hill tracts
Bandarban, an attractive tourists’ site in Chittagong division is located in southeastern Bangladesh. It is one the most attractive travel destination in Bangladesh for its adventurous characteristics and heavenly scenic beauty. This eventually gets really hard to leave if anyone visits Bandarban. The scenic beauty will undoubtedly captivate visitor’s soul. Bandarban includes the three highest peak of Bangladesh — Tahjindong (or Bijoy), Mowdok Mual (or Saka Haphong) and Keokradong. Anyone can easily hike through the jungle and hilly rivers to win any of these three god’s creations.
There are so many waterfalls hidden through the hills of Bandarban. The exotic offerings such as foods, tribal handicrafts etc from the tribal people will delight visitor’s heart. Visitors can easily experience the tribal culture very closely.
Place to visit
Waterfalls: Shoilo Propat, Nafakhum, Rijuk Waterfall, Jadipai Waterfall, Chingri Jhiri Waterfall, Zingsiam Saitar,Patang Jhiri Waterfall, Faipi Waterfall, Baklai Waterfall, Boga Lake etc. Budha Dhatu Jadi, Chimbuk Hill, Meghla,Nilachal,
Nilgiri,Keokeradong,Tajingdon,Mirinja Parjatan, Sangu River.
Places to visit at Rangamati
Kaptai Lake, Shuvolong Falls, Tribal Museum, Hanging Bridge, Kaptai National Park, Rajban Bihar Pagoda, Peda Ting Ting, Chakma Royal Palace.
How to reach Khagrachari
The valley is in Rangamati but tourist can reach there from Khagrachhari too. The route is Khagrachhori – Dighinala Bazaar – Bagaihat Bazaar – Machalong Haat – then Sajek. It is 106 km from
Khagrachhari.(To be continued)

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