Take a fresh breath at Dhanmondi Lake (2nd Part)


After the rule of British regime to develop an environment and accommodation system, the total 240.74 hector Dhanmondi Residential area was built with a lake. The lake is 16% of the whole Dhanmondi area. Now the lake is 3 kilometers in length and 35 meters in width, 100 to 477 meters in depth. The total area of the water reserver is 37.37 hectors. The Lake starts from Dhanmondi 2 and ends its journey at Dhanmondi 27.


If you love to catch fish then you can catch fish there. For catching fish you need to have permission from authority .You also can ride on boat on this lake. To ride on a boat you have to go at ‘Dingo Chottor’.

To have a journey on boat you have to pay 100 taka for first 30 minutes and 50 taka for next 15 minutes.


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