Take a fresh breath at Dhanmondi Lake (3rd Part)


You can ride a boat with 2 others including a child. Without child you may take only one companion with you. Children at the age of 10 to 12 years are not allowed to ride on boat without their guardians.

Park Near Dhanmondi Lake_ Dhaka 1

Beside lake another attractive place is Robinrdo Sorobor. All the year this open stage is busy with different cultural programs. You may enjoy drama, songs or reciting here in off days. You may gossip with your friends and family beside ‘Robindro Sorobor’. Lots of people go there to have a great gossiping session with friends.

You may lose yourself in this water surrounded green place. You will be amazed to hear the chirping of so many birds. Here you find lots of trees like Mango, Jackfruit, Baniyan, and many other trees. So many trees are the residential area of so many birds. So you must hear and feel charm by hearing the chirping of those birds.


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