Take a fresh breath at Dhanmondi lake (1st Part)


In urban life we all are so busy. We have no time to take breath properly! Here free times mean only the weekend. But one cannot be free at all in an off day. He / She has to maintain various social as well as family program. Thus once he / she will be very monotonous. Mind must be seeking some entertainment. One the other hand you cannot go for a long tour as you have very little time to spend.

But if you are very much willing and able to separate some time to refresh yourself, and then you will able to do that in this city and  get some fresh breath.


In an off day you may make a visit to Dhanmondi Lake with your friends and family. There you find fresh air and touch of green nature.

After landing the area of Lake you will find a green environment which makes you relaxed. Here you find a combination of fresh breath and natural beauty.

There is lots of space to sit in the lake area. Everyone has a name. Like Bachelor point, Jiya Chottor, Suitting Point, Jahajbari Point,Dip point,Lake view side point, Robindro Sorobor, Surdhoni Chottor, etc. All the places are located at the side of the lake where you can sit with your friends and family to gossip in open air.



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