“Tale of a Potential Island” by Shaifullah Rabbi.


The name of a piece of newly vigilant potentiality in the estuary of the Bay of Bengal is known as The Silent Island or Nijhum Island. Each part of which is full of potentiality. The Ballar Char, The Char Osman, The Char Muri and The Kamlar Char are the four islands. By the alliance of those islands, a group of Fishermen discovered it which had an area of 14050 acres. Then it was known as The Golden Island (Swarna Dweep), The Island of Osman (Osmaner Char) and at last, it was recognized as The Silent Island (NijhumDweep). Day by day the number of tourists are increasing because of having an excellent appeal of the destination to the nature lovers. This destination has now come to their sight and as a result, a potentiality of tourism is beckoning to them.
The tour to Nijhum Island was not merely a part of the trip, it was a new experience too. The reason for traveling there was for my friends. For so many days I had not been able to travel somewhere for extreme business and so a decision was taken about traveling to such a place which would be surrounded with calm and quiet nature and it was Nijhum Island finally. The journey was started at 5:30 PM for the purpose of The Island of Deer. We got a break of one hour in Monpura Island the next day at 6 AM in the morning. Getting that chance out there, we visited some parts of Monpura Island. Again we had to sail for 40 minutes and at the end of that journey we reached at TamijuddinGhat in Noakhali and hiring a trawler from there we started piercing the heart of Meghna and going towards the fascinator island.
On the way to Nijhum Island, we noticed the land of black Buffalo, the land of Kabir and the land of Chowdhury. Besides this, we noticed the lands filled with the tweeting of thousands of migratory birds. It seemed that the birds were welcoming us in the silent and quiet land with open arms by singing with a sweet tune. In 1950, this astounding island with green surroundings was created in the tryst of the end of the river Meghna and the beginning of The Bay of Bengal. In 1974, The Department of Forest left 2 pairs of deer here experimentally. Now, this is a habitat of several thousands of deer and the largest sanctuary of deer alone. In 2001, the government of Bangladesh announced around 9050 acres of the lands of Nijhum Island as a National Park.
The thing you will see first in Nijhum Island just before you keep your footprint evidence here is the Caraway Forest by which the whole captivating nature is surrounded with and then the row of so many boats in the Ghat. You can roam the whole area after getting down from the boat, completing your meal and taking rest for some time. You can pass the whole evening in the beach side by watching the rural life and the row of the date garden. If you plan to travel there in winter never forget to have date juice. It is true that you will forget all your tiredness just after testing date juice.
The most thrilling part of Nijhum Island tour can be waiting in the deep forest for watching the wild deer here. Two ways are mentioned here for those who want to see the wild deer in the deep jungle of Nijhum Island. Firstly, you will have to go to Chuakhali turn at 5 AM in the morning and then it will take around 20 minutes through the Lakeside way to the north side where you will be able to see the deep jungle. And now this will be the place from where you can see golden colored spotted deer of Golden Island. On the other side, just before the beginning of twilight in the evening and if you wait beside the Lakeside in the Chuakhali Forest, the spotted deer will be visible to you from there.
There is no need to worry about the food and accommodation facilities in Nijhum Island and no need to worry about the safety issues for the tourists. The local people are very friendly to the tourists. There are 5-7 hotels for accommodation and also several numbers of restaurants out there in Nijhum Island. From these restaurants, tourists can have different types of sea fish according to their taste and choice.
Indeed, Nijhum Island is not merely a piece of Island, rather it is a name of hope in Bangladesh tourism now. Actually, some proper plans and appropriate management of this island can change the image of local tourism and community development. Because of the increasing number of tourists in the day to day scenario, tourism is being considered as the backbone of the local economy along with fishing of the local people. So, I would like to mention here that, Nijhum Island is the name of a boundless potentiality which is vigilant in the heart of the Bay of Bengal.

Md. Shaifullah Rabbi
Founder- Travel Memoria


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