Travel Bandarban (4th Part)


Boga Lake is a sweet water preserver which one created 2000 years ago. There are some myths around this lake. Local tribal people believe that there is a Dragon live in this Lake. But Specialists opined that it’s a dead volcano.

boga-lake (1)

Whatever the Scientifically reason is, local people believe some interesting story. Local story is like that, few thousand years ago there is an impassable hills exist over there. That impassable hill was in the dense forest. Different tribal people like Bom, Tripura, Mro, Sonongas were lived there. From the village of these tribal peoples villages, very often baby children and livestock were missing. Tribal people start a search operation to find out the reason behind this. Once some brave tribal people found the reason. They found a Boga (‘boga’ is the local name of Dragon) lived in above hill. They killed the dragon. That time fire as well as scary roar of that dragon heard from that hill. That moment a lake was created which is named as ‘Boga Lake’


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