Travel Bandarban (5th part)


Naturally ‘Boga Lake’ is so beautiful. But the beauty of the Boga Lake increases thousands time at night. And it will be so beautiful in a moon lit night. I am sure it would be your best beautiful night of your life.

At Boga lake you may stay in ‘Siyam Didi’s’ home. You do not need to worried about food also. You must be satisfied by eating with Siam Didi.She cooks very well. And you will get Siam Didi’s help if you want to organize a barbecue party. But you should not go outside alone at night in that area.


After reaching Boga lake you may think , how a lake could be exist in such 2700 feet high. If you are curious minded person than you may try to find the source of the lake’s water. You will be surprised to see that there is no water source or fountain for this lake’s water supply. Is it heard that every year lake’s water take fade in color in April and May ever year. Beside this, some other myth is heard there.


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