Travel Bandarban (6th Part)


There is a crystal clear hill surrounded lake beside at Keranihat in Bandarban. The lake is in the area of ‘Meghla  Porjoton Complex’.  The complex is 4.5 kilometers away from Bandarban. You will find almost anything for entertainment. This Tourism hub is operated by D.C  office. There is also a Zoo over there.

mirinja 2

Entry Fee: 30 taka per head

Location: 4 kilometers away from Bandarban

Special Attraction: A beautiful Lake, Safari Park, Paddle Boat, Zoo, Picnic Spot and many more.

Accommodation:  Here you will find a beautiful rest house to stay.

Rent: There are 4 rooms. Taka 2000+ per day.

Booking: 0361-62506, 017172-718051, 01714-230354

Communication: Zip, Chander Gari or Car


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