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If you are tired of city life and planning on going to somewhere else on vacation to enjoy the natural beauty then your ultimate destination should be Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is considered as one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. Every year, in order to visit the forest, many foreigners from different parts of the world come to this country.

Why do you visit the Sundarbans? Bangladesh is said to be the queen of natural beauty. It may be small in size but there is no shortage of natural beauty. There are lots of places to visit and Sundarban is one of the tourist spots. This forest is the home of different types of animals including varieties species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and fishes which makes it distinctive from other tourist spots. That is why, it attracts wildlife photographers. Wildlife photographers get the opportunity to capture photos of wild animals, such as- Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, crocodiles, jungle fowl, wild boar, lizards, macaque monkey and countless variety of beautiful birds. While traveling the forest, the tourist may suddenly face a Royal Bengal Tiger standing few meters away from him or swimming across the stream or crocodiles basking on the banks of the river. Those who love adventures should not miss this opportunity.

Where do you visit in Sundarban? Sundarban is a very big area with a land size of 6000 square kilometers (2400 square miles). Sundarban consists of a bunch of islands of different shapes and sizes which are divided by waterways (lake, channel, river, creeks etc) and mudflats. The more the forest becomes dipper, the more it becomes dense and risky for tourists. Taking permission from authority, tourists can go inside the forest with the support of gunmen. If you go to Sundarban then you should visit some places. These are-

Hiron Point- also known as Nilkamal. It is the most popular tourist spot in Sundarban for spotting wild animals, such as- tiger, deer, monkey, crocodile, and birds.

Katka- it is another popular tourist spot in Sundarban. There is a 40 feet high wooden tower from where a tourist can get the view of the whole forest. It is a suitable place for watching tiger, deer, monkey and varieties of birds. Here is a beach which is clearly visible from the tower. One can walk to go to the beach to enjoy its scenic beauty from the tower.

Tin Kona Island-which literally means three cornered Island, is another popular spot for viewing tiger and deer.

Dublar Char (Island)- is famous for two things. One is for fishing and another is for spotting spotted deer. As a plentiful of fish is found in this island, it is the first choice for fishermen to catch fish. In this island, tourists can also commonly witness herds of spotted deer.

Karamjol- is an attractive tourist spot in Sundarban. Sundarban tour will remain incomplete without visiting Karamjol, a forest station for the Rangers. Tourists will find deer and crocodile breeding centers here. People can see a lot of deer and crocodile of different sizes. What will attract tourist most is Karamjol Eco tourism center. Here is a long wooden bridge through which tourists have to enter the forest.

Sundarban tour will help visitors refresh their body and soul. They can engage into their busy city life with new energy.


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