Volunteering Tourism


Tourism refers to one type of entertainment, leisure, business or any other purpose people traveling from one country to another or within country’s one place to another. According to UNWTO definition, “Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.” Tourism is different from travel. “Tourism is a collection of activities, services and industries which deliver a travel experience comprising transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking establishments, retail shops, entertainment businesses and other hospitality services provided for individuals or groups traveling away from home-Macintosh and Goeldner.”

And the other things that a tourists need to coordinate in order to perform the above mentioned activities include tourism. The main five pillars of tourism are; Transportation and communication, Accommodations, food and beverage, entertainment and attractions. Hundreds of sub-sectors were created centered around these pillars. The tourism industry, which is being developed with many sectors or industries, is also called Industry of Industry.

Demands of current time, the branches of tourism are increasing. Among them, “voluntary tourism” is one of the great ideas. Who can think of voluntary tourism again? Volunteering tourism is a branch of tourism when a volunteer performs a noble job to do great purposes traveling from country’s one place to another or from one country to other countries and performs noble work for the people with voluntary labor and coordination of all tasks like the traveling, staying of that spot, eating and roaming of volunteers, is called Volunteering Tourism. For example, we can say that during the winter-the distribution of winter clothes, teaching of Street-children, the help and assistance of the flood victims, the help of the victims, public relations activities and the services in the refugee camp.

Many people think that who works for voluntary tourism in Bangladesh or how it is? For them, the simple answer is that in our country, the students of different Universities and many voluntary organizations and their members undertake tours at home or abroad for various volunteer services. There are a lot of things you need to do for volunteers when they go for noble work. Many times volunteers can end up in their voluntary service-oriented job, after that get involved in leisure activities.

If I give some examples, the matter will become clearer to you. Every year many students of different Universities and members of organizations of our country are touring for volunteer work inside or outside the country. For example, the students of DU’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Department, including the teachers, distributed winter-cloths during the winter in different districts of the country. After the distribution of winter-clothes, they visit local tourism attractions and try to promote those attractions in front of country’s people and all over the globe. In 2015, I had gotten great opportunity to work with a bunch of volunteer- students of Waseda University of Japan who came Bangladesh for surveying about lifestyle of street-children of Bangladesh and how to improve their lifestyle. I have worked with Japanese volunteer-students more than a week for how to improve street-children life in Dhaka City. They came to study the topic of how street-children can improve their quality of life in Bangladesh. In order to assist Rohingya in Bangladesh, many foreign volunteer organizations have been working for a long time. After serving Rohingya community, they are traveling in various tourist attractions including Cox’s Bazar Beach.

Volunteer-tourists are spending their money for leisure, entertainment, accommodation and traveling purpose at their convenience or free time after serving victims. That’s why some money from voluntary tourism is being added to our economy. The voluntary tourism originated mainly by the volunteers-eating, entertaining, accommodating and their activities. Voluntary tourism in the developed countries has long been prevalent. It may be considered a new concept for many of our people. In the past there was voluntary tourism, now and in the coming days, this tourism sector will be broader in establishing world peace, equality and prosperity.

Md. Shaifullah Rabbi
Guest Lecturer- BTHM, IBAIS University
Guest Lecturer-BBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management
Daffodil Institute of IT


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