Women Safety & Security in Tourism & Hospitality Industry


“Women Safety & Security in Tourism & Hospitality Industry”

People’s thinking and consciousness changed as a time shift. At one time people thought that the main task of women was managing the house and family. But the world women community has changed the thought. They are moving forward at a brisk pace by proving their superiority in the various types of profession from today’s army. There was no exception in the world tourism industry. Women’s contribution to the Bangladesh tourism industry is increasing day by day. Women are working well in different sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry including airlines, motels, travel companies, travel agencies, tour operators, tour guides, theme parks, movie theatre and restaurants and so on. The employment opportunities of women in this sector are increasing day by day.

Many people may have doubts about how to work in women’s tourism and hospitality sectors. I have to mention some workspace names for them. Women can work as tourism professionals – Ticketing and Regeneration, Sales and Marketing, Air Hostess, Guest Relation, Customer Service, Food and Beverage Services, Food and Beverage production, chef, Airport Services, Women Entrepreneurs, Ground Operations, Front Office, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Visa Consultant, Travel consultants, tour guides, trainers, teachers etc.

Most people think that women in the tourism sector are insecure in the workplace. I cannot fully agree with this argument. But in some cases, women’s insecurity may happen.
It is not at all sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry. There is no reason to worry about the safety of women in Bangladesh tourism and hospitality sectors. Bangladesh Tourism and Hospitality Sectors are giving great importance to the safety of women.

In Bangladesh, because the word Tourism is new, many people are looking to work in this industry differently. In Bangladesh, Five public universities, thirteen private universities, National University included seven colleges and under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board of 18 institutes has been engaged in various educational and training programs on tourism and hospitality management.

Many girls’ students in tourism and hospitality management are losing interest in getting jobs because of safety and securities in their workplace. Women are not interested in joining this industry because of lack of proper sense of tourism and hospitality career and proper guidelines.
It has been found in many hotels and airlines that most of the female professionals working here are from BBA or MBA Disciplines. Many people are working in these areas by completing diploma courses on different topics of tourism.

I had the opportunity to talk to some women tourism and hospitality professionals about their safety at work due to the work of tourism. Their opinion was very positive about tourism workplace and environment. They think Bangladesh’s tourism industry is safe for women professionals. Women are doing well in the hotels and airlines sector in Bangladesh. In these sectors, their work environment is very good enough safe and sound. Some hotels and airlines offer pickup and drop facilities for women stuffs.

Bangladesh tourism industry needs more women tourism professionals for moving towards. Women are not interested to work this industry for few reasons. One of the reasons for this is because of the social obligations, unconsciousness and ignorance about tourism, salary structure, job uncertainty etc. If it is possible to increase the women’s adequate facilities and safety at work, it will be possible to resolve the crisis of women tourism professionals in this sector.

Md. Shaifullar Rabbi
Guest Lecturer, Tourism and Hotel Management Department, IBAIS University
Guest Lecturer, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Daffodil Institute of IT.


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