Youth Dialogue- Perspectives of Youth on Travel Industry in Bangladesh

0 had organized successfully “Youth Dialogue- Perspectives of Youth on Travel Industry in Bangladesh” on 3rd June, 2016 at Arunima Resort Golf Club in association with Bangladesh Tourism Board supported by Bangladesh Integrated Rural Based Association along with The Daily Star as Youth Engagement partner and Bestcom as event partner.

Mr. Nikhil Ranjan Roy, Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Tourism Board , Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism ,Masudur Rahman, Managing Director, Bengal Tours Ltd & CEO, Travel Guide Association of Bangladesh.
&Khabir uddin Ahmed, President, Bangladesh Resort Association of Bangladesh,Mahbub Parvez, Associate Professor, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Daffodil International University and Kanij Fatima , Founder , have increased the glory of the event with their presence.


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